The Scribbles (1)

I wrote this eBook for photography beginners  hoping that someone out there needs it just like I needed it when I started out.  I spent countless hours in front of the computer screen trying to learn this art form.  I’m hoping to save tons of computer time for someone out there who is just starting out and doesn’t know which way to go. This is an attempt to give them a direction.  Even though the book is now free I hope you find value in it.   It’s a light weight book with about 40 pages.   It’s not another technical jargon book but a compilation of all the things I wish I had known when I started.  I’m trying to keep it light at about 50 odd pages and fun to read with my friend here.

Download Free EBook

The book combines my love for drawing, writing  and photography. I hope you find it useful and worth your time.



  1. you shoul get an isbn number for this book and get it published.. its USP is easy to understand lingo !! :-). nice work !!

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