50 Portraits – Portrait #38


Second portrait I made of my friend at her place.  Again, beautiful home this couple has  built.  I made pictures on this visit that I’m really proud of.

For those interested here’s the tech specs. One light setup. Canon 6d mark II. 85mm 1.8, f4.5, 1/125, ISO400


50 Portraits – Portrait #37


I was invited by this beautiful couple who are also my friends to make some pictures of their baby boy.  While we were waiting for the baby to get ready I thought why not make couple of portraits for my 50 portraits series and thankfully both agreed.  Did a quick one light setup, easy instructions and I didn’t have to put in much effort to get the shot I needed.

Vikas and Chandrika, thank you for inviting me to your beautiful home.  You two were great hosts.  I really enjoyed and loved spending time with you all.




Accidentally took this shot of my daughter who was playing with my first ever camera the Sony DSC H20 and both of us took the picture at the same time .  I’m not trying to teach her photography but letting her play with it feeds her curiosity.   As kids the greatest gifts that we have is our curiosity which grown up years kill over time.  I hope I am able to keep her curiosity alive and feed it so she continues to ask questions.

Goa Trip


When I look at my kids I see myself split into two bodies.  One the sensitive, dreamy, serious  and the other kiddish and goofy.

I consciously didn’t take my camera with me on this trip.  One, to reduce an extra bag and two, my camera phone I felt was capable enough to get good photos and still allowed me time to focus on enjoying the  moment instead of worrying about the photo.  I did not regret my decision.  I still have a ton of images that I continue to share once a while on my Insta account @vedupadhyay.

Goa was a getaway from the madness that is called corporate life.   It was nice to get away from all the craziness to a place that seemed to take it easy.  We had time for everything.   We loved you Goa and hope to see you again.