The Breakup


This might sound like an uninteresting rant but bear with me on this one.  A lot of you will actually relate to the feeling.  Sharing this might also hurt my future ambitions but I have to admit I’ve been a terrible wedding shooter.    I’ve come back from weddings and not found a single image that I’m proud of.   Weddings are stressful jobs and I have great respect to folks who do wedding assignments.  I’d love to be able to say that I’ve been a sh@##y photographer because of the limitations of my camera but the truth is I’ve stopped seeing the photographs.

Feels like I’m going through a breakup.  It feels like the Muse broke up with me and left me.  I think she left me a while ago but I was in denial.   I’m not even speaking metaphorically.  Well, I am actually, but the feeling is still pretty much the same.   And it’s all my fault.   I made her walk away.  Is there a worse feeling than to know you are the reason for someone you love so passionately to walk away from your life.

The good news is.  She can be won back.  The regular practice will bring my Muse back which is a certainty.  Unlike breakups that involve humans, this one has a clear reason and remedy.  All she wants me to do is put in the work.  May be a little more than last time.  But she will be back.  Until then all you can do is either feel bad and let yourself drown into misery or do the work.  That’s all I have to stay about it.


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