Memory Lane – Taj Mahal

Snippets of memories from the childhood flash through mind every time we dig into this bag of memories.  Of course there are tons of memories but a few for some reason are at the top.  Here’s what flashes in front of me in a nano second.

Sunday morning tea in a glass with two slices of bread or russ in my underwear sitting on the ground and my bum feeling the cold floor in front of the tv watching the Jungle Book.

Early morning anxiety of getting ready for school.  Wishing the old lady teacher would call off the class today.  But she didn’t.  And that agonising half hour that seemed to take hours each time I looked at the clock.  Oh it’s only 9.01 am.  Only 290 more hours to go.

My elder brother taking me to school on our Bajaj Scooter.  Me standing on front platform of the scooter barely looking over the road in front.  I still remember that sound and smell of the scooter.

Me pedalling around neighbourhood on my bike with a self made board that has a bus route no. 398 written on it and me imagining myself as the bus driver.

Why do I share this with a picture of the Taj Mahal from my recent trip with my family?  I seem to have lost that feeling of wonder and awe that I used to have when I was a little kid.  Even seeing our old scooter coming back from the repair shop with new paint and color used to excite me.  Now even owning a car from the money I earned doesn’t bring back that happiness.  I’m not filled with cynicism, not yet, but here I was in front of one of the wonders of the world and wished it was taller.  Hmm…it’s smaller than I imagined.  Himalaya jitna bada hona chahiye tha.  Idiot.


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