50 Portraits – Portrait# 36


This portrait has been due for long.  Sudhir and I have started collaborating more on client works and personal assignments recently.    It’s crucial to find someone with the same passion and work with them as a team.   It’s a lot more fun that way.   There are a couple of new things we’re trying which he’ll be posting under his facebook page, Lightsky Motion Pictures very soon.  I’m excited for this new venture we’re going for.

Simple portrait indoors made at Sudhir’s home after we half finished another personal project.   I made a silly rookie mistake of leaving my reflector at home which I needed as a small fill under the jaw line.  Gladly I was able to solve that with a small flash on the floor.  Very subtle difference but important one to the image.

Canon 5d, 85mm 1.8, 1/160, f4.5, ISO100.


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