My older one in the pic above trying to transition from a cute innocent girl to a tomboy with a I-don’t-care attitude.

Recently in a business meeting which was really just a casual get together I tried cracking a joke which noone got.  I later wondered why I had to say it.  I didn’t feel guilty but it wasn’t needed I guess.  Also, I do realize no one has to get it.

Made me realize how my humor which used to be fun and silly when I was a young teen is now filled with sarcasm. That scares me a little. The sarcasm thick humor gets real as I grow older.  At the risk of sounding like someone who has a choice,  I don’t mind growing old, it’s just that I’d hate to grow old and grumpy.  I like being silly.  I don’t want to be the wisest guy in the room.  I walk away from discussions where I get a sense of the game called one-up-manship is being played.   I’m ok with being a silly.

Take care.


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