You Don’t Need Me

20160629-Portrait-New Delhi-151713

I get requests from potential clients and acquaintances asking for lower prices and even do a shoot for free.  They think they’ll give me “exposure”. I totally get it why from their point of view and have no hard feelings for any of them.

Before arriving at “price” in our conversations I try and push that part to the very last even though they keep coming back to it.  I’ve learnt the importance to rate/price of the job for them is not equally proportional to how bad they want to do it.    I want to be hired because they wanted  me to be the photographer that can do the job that they want and not because the neighbourhood studio wasn’t available.

During the conversation I’m also trying to find out how bad they want this photo.  I don’t mind doing it for free for a non-profit once in a while but requests to reduce the prices are a result of either me not being able to truly explain the value I can bring to them or the client not valuing the work they’re looking to build.  They probably don’t want this as bad as they claim it to be.   I have turned down work that I’d have loved to create simply because the price was the most important factor for them not the photograph.  I want to be hired because you want your photographs to be special and trust me to do that job.  But if you think if only you had a dslr you wouldn’t need to hire me then you’re right, you really don’t need me.



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