Something Special


While I struggle to find the remaining 15 people I can shoot for my 50 Portraits Project I do have one person who’s always available when I’m looking for inspiration or get back in groove, my wife.  I have already featured her portrait in the series but after making this one I wish I had waited a little longer.

I’m beginning to use my lights and post processing more consciously with the outcome in mind rather than letting them lead the outcome.  This forces you to make decisions and be aware of what you are doing.  Causing less pain afterwards.

As I grow as a photographer I’m beginning to sense something is round the corner waiting for me.  I know this because if I look back at my journey it used to be a special feeling when someone even viewed my image and hit like.  Now I’m approached from people wanting their portraits made by me.  I think I’m getting closer to finding my style.  I just have to push forward with more speed to discover it before it gets bored and goes away.  Kind of like how Steven Pressfield describes the Muse treats you when you’re doing nothing hoping for inspiration to fall from the sky.   Remember ten thousand hours?  Now go execute them.  That’s a reminder for me too.



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