Year Gone By – The Report Card


At the end of the year like most of us I’m looking back and thinking what I learnt, gained and lost this past year.  Kind of a report card if you will.  You don’t have to read further if it doesn’t interest you.

This year my second baby girl arrived.  Blessed.  But man is it tough to have two kids.. Don’t even get me started there.

I learnt I need to get a better grip on my dreams.   I let the grip lose mid year and lost to Resistance. As a result the Muse dumped me.  I need to win her back. (Read-The War of Art).

I lost a great momentum on my personal project 50-Portraits.  I lost it at #29.  I somehow dragged myself to #34 like an injured gladiator, bleeding, down and dusted after a long and tiring fight,  trying to drag my sorry ass but died before making it to the finish line. Yeah I tried glorifying my failure to make me feel better about myself.

I re-watched a few films that are my absolute favorites.

Django Unchained- I became a Jamie Foxx and DiCaprio fan watching this one.  So much so I want Foxx to play next Bond. Love the way these guys have ruled every frame they were part of.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara- This movie is a visual treat for photographers and I kind of can relate to the story.

Forrest Gump- One of my all time favorites.  Reminds me of my teenage years.  Also, teaches a thing or two about friendship and love.  No wonder Forrest is called stupid.

Gangs of Wasseypur, both parts- Awesome, cult movie.  Real gangsta stuff.

I said Yes to a lot of work that came my way which I was refusing last year..

I fell in love with the books for the first time this year.  I read a lot of them.

I learnt I’ve not been a great husband.  I could do better.

I learnt I lose easily but don’t get lost that easily.  No matter what.

I gained friendships I grew fonder for this year that I hope to continue to cherish in new year as well.

We’re 7.5 billion of us on this planet.  And still struggling to count 5 true friends.  I’m fortunate I’m not totally bankrupt.

I participated in my first ever 6k run and finished it.

Recently someone I trust for advise told me this – ‘You probably think you’re above others..but clearly you’re not.’  I still love this kind of in your face feedback.

Wish you a very happy and blessed new year!


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