Being Perfect


I heard being perfect is like this animal with a horn right between its eyes.  I can’t think of its name or what it looks like.  I have a feeling it’s right in front of me but I can’t tell what it is…

In an interview Seth Godin used a term Failure-porn.  It’s not really a failure if you request an absurd drink at the counter and the bartender has no option but to reject you.  That’s not a real rejection.  You made her reject you.  Failure is a good thing for life lessons but if you’re creating them that probably is an indication that you’re not doing anything worth.

I keep hearing we’re not perfect.     And yet I keep trying to be.  Trying to say the perfect thing, be the perfect friend, perfect husband, perfect son and that leads to nothing but disappointment.  Every single time. Nobody expects a perfect me though.

Instead of writing inspirational blogs that I myself get fed from the internet from a billion newsfeeds, I need to get to work and make something. I can see smirks on my friends’ faces each time I say the word make or create.  Django isn’t coming guys.  Take it easy.  I’m talking about making a photograph.  I’m guilty of not working continuously on my craft.  A wise person I know would use a dignified term called lazy ass for me except that she won’t.


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