Hawa Mahal

Just got back from a family trip to Jaipur.  I had been wanting to make this trip for a while and I’m glad we did.  It was my mother’s first ever real vacation.  First place where she wasn’t visiting for any religious purpose, a wedding etc.  She was there just to see the place.  She really liked the Amer Fort.  The picture above is of the Hawa Mahal in the center of Jaipur city.

I also celebrated my 33rd b’day.  Like most people my age, I believe, this day makes us think what did we achieve in past one year and what do we want for the next year.  I really really am fond of some relationships I’ve grown stronger with this past year and hope to continue to keep them for next coming year too.



  1. Hello, Thanks for sharing such a fantastic blog.I really appreciate your blog to share information about Jaipur …Visiting in Jaipur is amazing experience. Jaipur is a place with a glorious past and a very rich historic background. People come from far off places just to get the taste of its beautiful monuments and their architecture.

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