Authenticity is a rare thing.  You probably already know that.  May be that’s why it’s such  a sought after thing.  Be it Art, Cuisine, Emotions, People, Environment, etc., we look for it everywhere.  When I’m making photos I want to be as authentic in my expression as possible.  Unless it’s an assignment work, I’m delegating the burden of my lack of ability to express my emotions, even though I’m told my face is an open book, onto the subject I’m photographing.  Or partly because I’m terrible at self portraits.  Authenticity plays on my nerves.  My biggest fear when making photos and even when I’m not is being perceived as fake or a dud.  Someone with potential but a total dud.
Personally, I seek authentic people just like anyone else.  I’d hate for anyone to lie to me or sugarcoat something to protect my… Screw it, who cares what I think.
The point is, when I’m creating images I’m not shooting blindly and praying one of them comes good.  I want you to know I gave my best to make your photograph as authentically You as I could.  If it didn’t, I want you to know it’s not your fault. May be you’ll give me a second chance? I want to thank each of you who have agreed to collaborate with me and for trusting me.  I’m grateful.  I hope I did justice to your time.

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