Behind the Scene for Step-Up


I have some theories in life that I strongly believe in.  One of them is valuing small gestures.  Gestures have more emotional value to me than things.  Big B once used a quote aptly fitting this.  I don’t remember where he said or quoting whom, but it went something like this.  No matter how busy you are, you’ll always find time for the things that are your priority.  If you didn’t, it wasn’t a priority.  Makes sense?  If it’s a priority there’s always time.

I was called for an assignment to  make a few portraits for a Gym called Step-up that was looking to make some advertisement material for their new campaign.  I loved the idea and after a long and intense shoot got some shots I am really proud of.  I’m still working on them so the pictures will be coming soon.  I wish I could continue shooting for some more time but the athletes were really cooperating and hard working when I kept asking them to do something again and again and again and again.  And I didn’t want to be replaced by the punching bag.


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