Lost In Translation

half marathon

half marathon

half marathon

Rohini Half-Marathon

Rohini Half-Marathon

Some times I’m just happy and I don’t know why.  I don’t remember telling myself ever that I’m happy.   Recently I have said that to myself.  Once.  Why I don’t know but it felt that way.   I didn’t try too hard to find out why.  All that really mattered was that I felt good.  Everything looked clear.  And then woosh!  That moment was gone.  Back to blur.

I also don’t remember telling myself ever that I’m sad and not knowing why.  Recently I have and I really can’t tell why.   I mean I do think about some stuff but I find it confusing that it should bother me.  This is such a personal thing to share on this blog but I don’t mind for some reason.  I don’t really care what you’d think reading it and you probably won’t either.  May be it’s the mid-life crisis.  I don’t know.  May be it’s just that.

I just can’t translate these emotions into meaningful words.  I fail miserably when I try to.  My friends know how I keep going deeper into the mess the more I try to explain.

Last three weeks have been really productive for me photographically.  Thanks to a friend and his generosity I got work that I wouldn’t have got if I tried myself.  Heck, I haven’t even taken the first step of building contacts that I have been planning for months.  I’m just about half way through breaking even on my  expenditure on camera gear this year thanks to Sudhir from Lightsky Motion Pictures.


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