The Best Photos I’ve Taken

I lost a battle to what Steven Pressfield calls the Resistance in my war to make 50 Portraits this year.  I stopped at 29.  Last post was more than a month ago.  Not that I stopped finding people, but I allowed other things affect my priorities.  For others, they were small things but they mattered to me because they affected me.  Lesson learnt.  My priorities will find me with them.  No matter what.  It was a round that Resistance won after the 29 rounds I gave it a beating.  I hope to be back.  I have a few events lined up in next couple of weeks that I’ll be covering with my friends.  More to come on those.

Not that I haven’t been making pictures at all.  In fact I’ve captured some of the best moments I’ve been blessed with.  Some of the best photos I’ve taken in recent times are these ones that involve the closest people to my heart.



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