50 Portraits – Portrait #19



A phrase I keep getting either from myself or others is how we get positive or negative vibes from others. Sometimes it’s not the person outside who’s emitting those radiations burning our nostril hair that we are so allergic to but it’s us.  And we blame it on the other person by saying I get negative vibes from her.  No. Some times it’s us.  The negative energy is inside of us.  I’m not trying to do a good thing bad thing analysis but just sharing an epiphany I had recently.   I don’t know even if something like this exists but I do feel these energies once in a while.  Even the good ones.  Ok, that’s it.  Let’s go home and do something meaningful now, build a castle, paint a wall, make a lemonade,  bake some cookies, jump off the plane with a parachute, something I’d be proud of but not too attached to it for I need to move to the next thing.

Camera settings were f.4.5, ISO200, 1/125



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