Who You Are

I think I just saw a new feature (may be I’m only just noticing) in Facebook asking to describe who you are in an Intro box.  Ooh niiiice…  Now I’ll look cool when someone reads my About page.  I’ll start getting friend requests from unknown people and unknown followers because they find me so interesting they want to keep up with me and want to know what else I’m up to.  Quickly I clicked on the box and……………………….I stopped.  What do I write?  I drew a blank…  I know I want to write something. Something exciting, fun and adventurous.   Rafting?….Jungle detour walk with friends?…Movie with friends?…Having our second baby?… But who am I?  I’m funny, kind, honest…What?!  That already sounds boring… I know it has something to do with my soul and the volcano like atmosphere it goes in there sometimes…but who’s interested in that?….I know I want to write something to do with how happy my soul feels when I call my little one’s name and she quickly gets up from a sound sleep to tell me how much she missed me… I need more experiences….I need to visit more places than I have…Hmm…Describe who you are…… Wow…..That’s way too deep than I thought… I thought I can write it but I couldn’t…Who am I?  Jay Maisel says To make interesting photographs become an interesting person…The box is still blank..




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