Have We Failed?


Pardon this sermon but I had to get it out of my system. Brain fart really.  Something has been bothering me recently.  Not my neighbours who talk on phone like they can talk so loud they don’t need a phone to talk to some one living on the other side of the planet.   They make me feel they could just raise their heads in the direction the other person lives in, shout and talk to anyone on the planet without really needing any instrument.  ‘Intellectuals’ trying to be heard. They want to be known as some one concerned about every political ill in the system but really are the biggest hypocrite themselves.

In the end I think all roads trying to find out reasons for all problems of our current system lead to our education system.  It has clearly failed big time. We are producing mediocre citizens who become mediocre parents who raise mediocre children who go to mediocre ‘educational’ institutions and come out as mediocre citizens.  Is education only supposed to make doctors and engineers? Who’s making good citizens and humans? The cycle has been going on for so many years.  Where are the Leonardo da Vincis, the Einsteins, the Vivekanandas, the Aristotles, the Chanakyas, and many more that we now read in books only?  I’m sure they were not a product of the education system at that time but there were people around them in their lives who fueled their creativity and helped them find their true potential.  Are we such an influence on kids around us?


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