It’s All Within

Multi Exp Portraits

Multi exposure

Ideas have a funny way of showing up.  I was thinking about a portrait that I hope will materialize one day of a friend.  I was trying to think about the best possible way to create an image that she instantly relates to.  I was thinking about the struggles  and her battles with those struggles and the steel-will she has shown to deal with them.  How do I show it all in one  image.

The shot above is one of the many I took during the practice.  My camera doesn’t seem have the multi exposure feature found in some models. The challenge was to still bring that image to life. This practice was a step towards the final portrait of the friend.  I’m amazed and excited when I witness such epiphanies. The infinite possibilities photography offers some times is a priviledge.

What’s my inside voice trying to say through this image? Why did I choose this look?  I don’t know  why only this kind of image came to my mind but I guess this was the only answer I kept coming back to when trying to find answers to the questions while trying  to say this –  Everyone of us has a demon and an angel, good and bad, fear and courage, etc. within ourselves.   All of us are trying to find that balance through our Karmas.  Some find it.  Some continue to search for it.

Back to the image. The way to go around this was go all manual.  Triggering the flash using the test button at very low shutter speed on the camera giving the subject enough time to turn for the next pose.  You have to practice and direct your subject and fire the flash at each step within the shutter speed timeline.  I don’t have a tripod so I used the lightstand to keep the camera steady.  Set it to manual focus, shutter speed down to about 3 seconds and directed the subject to turn at each call I make.  At the same time I was standing on a chair hand holding the flash ready to fire at each turn.  I could have Photoshoped.  Sure.  But challenge was to do it in one shot.  There is a certain satisfaction of doing it right in the camera than laboring over it on the computer.

I hope this new year brings us all peace and prosperity.  Happy New Year!


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