Sports Day

Once in a while I go to the sports complex and play table tennis with my friends and resolve that I’ll do this each week to be healthy.  I resolve this every week but end up going only once or twice in a month.  Ironically, later in the same day I had to get two injections because of severe pain after eating junk food.  Either it was the junk food or the shopping bill that my wife handed me that day.  Signs of bad health.

Anyway, one of the regulars at the complex organized a little competition and asked me to bring my camera.  Here are some shots from the day.  The light inside was too low so I was mainly under 1/50 entire day which is not ideal if you’re trying to shoot sports.  The light got interesting in later part of the day when the Sun finally came out of the clouds and I caught some candid shots. Enjoy.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis. The participants.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis. In action

Table Tennis

Table Tennis. Discussing scores, results and schedule.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis. Managing the scores and results.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis. Time to catch up on some updates.


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