The Lull

There comes a lull after I have completed my previous shoot.  The longer I take to make the next image I start to feel that was the last good photo I’ve made and then the gap between this shoot and the next one starts to feel like a dark doomed valley staring at me.  At this point I’m slightly glad that it’s an indication that the fire within is still burning but frustrated because I know I’m not doing enough to keep it going.

I try and not lose sight of more important events happening around in my life.  My little one turned one last month.  Another reminder the time is slipping away like sand in our fist.  I try capturing these moments so that when I or my family looks back on these photos they can relive these moments.

Back to photographically speaking, so far I’ve learned that personal projects are a great marketing tool for photographers.  They tell more about you than your About Me page can.  And apparently your prospective client has interest in knowing more about you, the person, too apart from of course your portfolio.  I setup a little shoot of a toy car that my baby got as a present on her birthday.  The idea was to maintain the look of the images to that of the real car than a toy.  I was going for the look that you normally see on a newly launched car’s portfolio web page.  Hope you enjoy.







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