The Headshot

I was recently reading an article on TIME online and was specially intrigued by headshot of our PM Narendra Modi by Peter Hapak.  I was so impressed by the headshot that I wanted to create one of my own.

I turned to my lovely wife who is very patient with me when I want to create a portrait of her.

This is the closest I could get with one light.  The original picture I guess had more than one light but I used a white reflector to fill some of the shadows.

On a sidenote, photography has helped me forget about office related stress when I’m at home.  I feel blessed to have discovered this side of me.  During the weekend it helps me forget about the work pressure.  It comes with pressure of its own but I love this pressure more than at work.  It’s something that lets me play and fail and try again while creating images. So I’d encourage  you to go find something if you feel stuck in your job. Don’t blame the job. Job is giving you the resources you need to feed your family and your current or future hobby.  It’s you.  You find something that lets you play and lets  you fail giving  you freedom and encouragement to try again.

Take care.


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