Portrait Shoot


f4.5, 1/160, ISO100

This young man is my cousin Santosh.  A scholar student who’s fighting the odds to get the best education for a better future.  I hope lack of funds won’t rob him of his dreams.  So far he has looked confident and shown all signs of doing good.  I guess his parents have done a good job so far because getting sidetracked at his age is pretty easy.

About the photos.  Shot with one light camera left.  Was going for a casual relaxed look to show his calm and confident self.  As I keep shooting more and more people I realize the hardest part is not the camera settings or the light but it’s directing these real people and trying to get the best out of them without making them ‘act’ and still get a story out of their expressions and posture.  Once you start shooting their expectations go  higher and you can feel the tension building up specially on moments I go blank during the shoot.  That’s when I try and take a break.  I ask the subject to loosen up when it’s mostly me who needs to relax.  After the shoot I don’t immediately start working on the images.  I review them briefly same day then next day I’ll import them into my computer and the selection process starts after couple of days with fresh perspective to the shoot.  And that’s when I find most of my photos from the day suck.

Take care.


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