Photo Prints Giveaway


Unlike previous occasions this time I distributed prints a much larger size.  8×10 this time compared to 5x7s of last give away.  I ordered my prints from (formerly snapfish in India) but I was a bit disappointed with the quality.  May  be I need calibrated monitors or someone at the lab didn’t bother to color correct my prints.  Some of the images looked really pale.  But looked just fine on my computer screen. My local shop does a better job than that.

Anyway, I had gifted one my cousin’s portrait prints to him which was still lying in his folder because the framing is a little on the higher side.

So we took this as an opportunity to create our own photo frame.  It became our own little DIY project.  Please excuse the quality of the pictures here as these were shot under a tubelight with the camera phone.

We started with two A4 size white papers to work as background.  A white chart would have been better but we were trying to work with whatever was available right there.  Lazy people.


Remember not to glue anything yet.  We’re still measuring everything and cutting and putting them together for the final assembly.


The black chart paper which was a bit thicker than the normal paper helped create the outer border of the frame.  Four frames are cut out of this chart such that when they are put together they’ll lock each other into the frame.


Two A4s are glued together to make the background on a cardboard for a firm surface.   Make sure you’re measuring the borders so that the photograph is aligned perfectly at the center.  After checking the alignments start gluing the pieces one by one and then the photograph at the end.


We used the cut out waste from the black chart paper to create this hook and pasted another border on it to secure it.  Now you can mount it on a wall.


Here’s the final product!  Priceless.


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