Sleepless in Delhi

Some days on an evening an idea comes to your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it.  You find it difficult to sleep because you can’t wait for the next morning to execute the idea. The brain suddenly is on steroids.  You can’t wait to go and execute that idea and see if you’re able to pull it off and make it exactly like you thought it would look.

And then there are some other reasons that give you sleepless nights.  Equally exciting.  My little one here has slowly started to get into a normal routine of sleep but on most days sleep is an alien word for her.  First 3 months were a No-Sleep zone for both of us.  It feels like an automatic transition from being a kid ourselves to being parents.  This experience makes us think about the sleepless nights we must have given our own parents.  And that kind of gives us strength to hang in there.  Even though there are times we find ourselves struggling with no sleep the excitement overpowers any struggle.  This new change also has brought in us even greater appreciation for what our parents did for us.  I have now started feeling guilty for being such an ass at times when I think of all the trouble I gave my parents when I was a little kid.  I wasn’t a great kid to have.  My elder brother was and still is the favourite for he was the most obedient and responsible kid in the family.  I’m the one with the stories.  And I don’t feel too proud of them.

When my wife tried to put a blanket over Soumya to see if that could make her think about going to sleep, an idea came to mind and I grabbed my camera and the flash handheld above the blanket making the blanket behave like a large softbox.  3rd photo below was made having the flash bounce off the wall on the left while the first one with a toned down power just enough to give a night time feel while the baby is wondering about something.  I wonder what, if at all, kids think about at this tender age.








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