My Photography is Dying….?!

Update: I tend to  write these posts as I experience certain sentiments and keep them in draft.  This is not a photography tutorial blog and doesn’t need to be as there’re a billion better resources out there.  So I share some of the sentiments as I experience them.  

I wrote this post a while back but seemed like a good thing to share and I’m sure some of these feelings a lot of you out there can relate to. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a photographer.  It’s nothing but a bunch of BS we all go through when we’re down.  Just because things start to look so damn hard.  It starts to feel like the end of the world.  But on good days the  same reasons make this thing attractive.  Good thing is I (we) know ‘this too shall pass’ as someone wise said. 

Catchy title?  That statement defines my state of mind when I have gone without making or come close to making any photo for a week.  Feels like it’s leaving me.  There are certain fears that surround me when I have not made anything recently.  Here’re some thoughts that go through my mind.

I fear I have shot  my last ‘good’ frame.

I fear  I won’t get any more photo ideas.

I fear I have lost too much time to ‘make’ it worth anything.  I started late and am running 10 years behind.

I fear I have too many things to learn than I have time to.  The steep learning curve isn’t helping either.

I fear my muse has left me.  I’ve not been good at relationships and my relationship with my muse hadn’t even matured before she had it enough.  May be I wasn’t putting enough efforts to make her stay.

In the end, I fear that all my fears above are more real than just fears..


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