The Battle Continues

Shot with Canon 1100D, f4.5, ISO100, 1/200 @36mm

Shot with Canon 1100D, f4.5, ISO100, 1/200 @36mm

I’m getting into the habit of finishing one shoot, leaving with a ‘I-missed-something’ feeling, come back and do it better.  And I’m not saying that’s a bad habit.  I’m kind of enjoying it.   Since I’m not making these photos for a paying client this gives me the opportunity to correct myself if I mess up first time.

Shot with Canon 1100D

Shot with Canon 1100D

The picture in my last post the Battles gave me an idea and I asked my nephew to come over with his cricket helmet.  My  nephew is a cricket player and a fan.  When he was very young, almost the size of a regular cricket bat, I remember going to the local park with him and playing.  He was a quick learner and a natural.  More importantly we’d have a fun time.  Memories.

When I have a photograph in mind I consider it as a draft or a starting point and then take it from there during the shoot letting it develop.   Like I have the raw materials to cook.  Whether or not I make a great dish depends when I start cooking.  I try and keep it as close to the initial idea as possible in terms of the feel but not in terms of the overall look.  For example, I wanted an intense feel to the image but had a different picture in mind.  But the photos I got out of this shoot probably gave me a better picture than I was hoping.  I also tried making the image I had in mind but those just didn’t feel quite as close as I thought they would.  My failure totally.  Mukul, my nephew, was a great subject to work with.   I’d rather have these failures and something to work on next time than nothing at all.  I wish I could come to terms with other failures just as good as I do with making photos some times.

Take care.


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