The Battles

20140720-Santosh Portraits-New Delhi-India-170759-3

Shot with Canon 1100D.

I have been putting off this post for a while because I wanted to include a picture that matches the sentiments of the post.  Finally I was able to hit the publish button this week.

I learned a valuable lesson past week recently.   I learned that I have to accept that I won’t win every little battle of life.   I have to choose my battles based on my priorities and give time and effort only to the ones that really matter.  Thinking too much about  low priority battles is a waste of energy.  Sour Grapes?  May be.   But, not if you know your priorities.

I’ll share an example that triggered this thought.  We have a ping-pong table in the office for employees.  The environment around that table some times becomes so competitive that some games turn into battles instead of fun breaks.  And that’s when the table loses its purpose.   After the loss I’d find myself riding waves of negative emotions and wonder why a loss at a stupid ping-pong game bothered me.  Now I don’t play with people who don’t enjoy the game but make it a life and death battle.  I’m not playing to win a medal at the Olympics.

I’ll share a great advice from an Indian actor Shekhar Suman.  This is a lesson that he shared he learnt from his father and it just stuck with me since.  I don’t remember the exact words but I’m sure you’ll get the message.  His father told him ‘There’ll always be at least one thing that the person next to you can do better than you.  Respect  everyone.’

Take care.


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