That Part Time Thing Part III

Shot with Canon 1100D, f5.6, 1/100, 100ISO, off camera flash frame left.

Shot with Canon 1100D, f5.6, 1/100, 100ISO, off camera flash frame left.

This is the last rant about the Part-time thing we try to manage. The things I mentioned in previous posts weren’t out of the ordinary but probably some you already knew and were just needing to hear from someone other than yourself.  For example, we already know we should be exercising but most of us don’t!

At the risk of sounding a wise-ass again I wanted to mention another thing.  And I know you know this one already too.  Don’t forget the family. Even if you have a long list of photo ideas, do take some time out to photograph your family members.  Make photos to show us, the viewers, what’s it like to be them, what do they mean to you, what’s their role in your family?  This will not only help you connect with your family more but also create priceless visual memories.

The photo above is of my cousin.  A very bright student.  I wanted to make this portrait of him that tells he is one.  In came the books, stationery, clock, study table in the background in the frame to make a part of the story. The casual posture and smiling face hopefully portrays his comfort with the books and studies which I hated most of my school life.  This little shoot also taught me another important lesson. I’m terrible at interacting with people. I was finding it difficult to keep him engaged.  And that’s someone I know already.  I failed to go further after reaching a point with this one.

Take care



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