That Part-time Thing Part II

Idea Generation??

Idea Generation??

Last week we identified wasteful activities and eliminate them from our daily schedule to make time to shoot or spend towards learning our craft. We identified how we can take out time from existing schedules for our crafts and still be available to be a husband, dad, son and a friend.

So, now that you have made some time, what do you do with it?  Do you have some ideas that you can play with? It doesn’t have to be a Nobel-prize-winning-picture-perfect-kick-ass-make-you-famous-overnight one but anything as simple as a topic like ‘Circle’, ‘Colors’, etc will do.  Join a photography forum online and they’ll give you projects that you can participate in and even get critiqued. Participate on those online forums. I don’t want to give recommendations here because you might already have an option in mind.  Just pick any.  There’re tons of good forums out there.  And it’s all free.  Just pick a keyword and shoot around that keyword for a week.  That way you’ll never run out of ideas. Sometimes we find ourselves with a long list and make it an excuse for not working because we don’t know which one to pick.  Get to work.  Create something.  Anything but do it.

I’d also highly recommend a book You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins. Visit for more. Even though the writer has talked about the art of writing and struggles of writers but if you replace writer with photographer or any craft you’re pursuing you’ll identify the struggles Jeff describes in this book and how to deal with them.

When I’m reading a book I keep a notebook and a pencil on the side.  As I read through light bulb start blinking over my head and I start scribbling on the notebook.  Somehow reading a good book always triggers ideas in my head and I make sure to write them down on the paper so I don’t forget them later.   A new project, new photo idea, new blog post topic, an article.  Anything.

I’d love to hear from you where you get your ideas from and how you make sure you implement it and not just leave it in your head to rot.  Please share with us using the comments section below.



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