That Part-time Thing Part I


I started this blog as a platform to share my journey as a photographer. Why a weekend photographer?  Because I have a full time job and I mainly shoot during the weekends.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this battle of managing time. I share little things and tips as I learn and hope it’ll help others who are in the same boat as I am.  I call it a part-time thing because I do it only when I have ‘free’ time during the weekends, whatever ‘free-time’ means.

So this is what I did.  I started with making a note of my daily schedule and identify where I can divert my time towards photography or even reading.  This’s not a goal setting time table we used to make during our exams or after bad results that we never followed because they were just unrealistic and were results of impulsive reaction to bad results.  Or may be it was just me.   I just noted down and reviewed what my typical day looks like.  Noting the schedule on a piece of paper  helps.  Be realistic and I’m sure you can make at least half an hour or more every day to devote to practicing your craft.

Start with small steps.  May be something like reading a book or listening to podcasts during commute to office or waiting in a queue or at the doctor’s.  That’s just few of the examples where you can ‘make’ time. Identify the wastes and eliminate them.

If Art had a final destination probably we would have lost Art a long time ago with a handful individuals holding the Completion Certificates.  The beauty of Art is in its ‘No final destination’ or ‘ no final milestone’. There’s no Completion Certificate. And that’s what makes it so beautiful because you can continue to grow knowing there’s still a lot to be learnt and explored that keeps you interested and scratching your heads and what not.

Some challenges will be easy to overcome while some may take a while, practice and discipline.  Distractions like social sites, new accessory deals online, new lens that you think you need, previews and reviews, making plans of starting a small business that’s never going to take off etc are few of the challenges.

I’d love to hear any tips you guys have for me and for others reading this.  It’s not an easy craft but definitely one of the few that anyone can pursue these days.




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