Life Plans


Shot with Canon 1100d, Natural light coming from picture left with a silver reflector on right as fill under the hat.

When we were kids we didn’t give much thoughts about what our goals are and what we wanted to be and where we stood on our capabilities.  There was no difference between the two.   Only now I realized I was and to some extent I still am a dreamer.  I would think the world is a stage and there’s someone who’s watching and directing all of us as characters.  Except me all knew who. Some times I’d wonder if there’s a prank being played on me and I’ll only realize it when I grow older when someone opens up.   When I thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up it was as if all I needed to do was show up and things would just fall in place.  All I had to was decide which one I wanted to become.  When I was growing up I had a plan to be a cricketer (no matter what level I reach I just wanted to play), my academics took a hit and I got low marks, with no support or any guidance, I left cricket for good and tried to work hard and become a Chartered Accountant.  I became neither.   At one point I was so sure I won’t get married because being married seemed too much of a responsibility and I wanted to travel the world.  Today I’m married and have a baby girl. And happy so far.

We can be silly when we’re kids.   The idea behind sharing these life plans is to share with you how life has its own plans but what we can’t afford to do is stop working.  We laugh when we think about our ‘ideas’ about the world.  Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes captures those days perfectly.  From writing my own biography to giving interviews why I was so great from the beginning and what kept us so grounded. It seems as kids we all have thought of it at least once.

Above is another image of my niece that I really liked for that unmistakably kid laugh when being photographed. Natural light coming from camera left with a silver reflector hand held from right bottom to provide a fill under the hat @50mm, 2.8, 1/160, ISO 200.



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