Working Women of India 1.5

Working Women of India Series

Working Women of India Series

Today’s long overdue portrait in this series is of a lady who can be an inspiration to a lot of women in India who quit their jobs for family but miss being financially independent.  She left her well paying corporate job to spend more time with her daughter and family.  Starting her own business  meant she could be with her family 24 hrs a day and earn doing what she loves doing.  To cook!  She used her cooking skills to learn to bake cookies, cupcakes and cakes and what not.  Visit her FB page for more details and orders. She now successfully runs a business and has orders in queue.

Z's cupcakes

Z’s cupcakes

She also has a facebook page. Here’s a screenshot of the page the day it was created. The fans are growing by the hour.   Hope her story inspires some of you to use your skills and start your own businesses.

The above photo was taken with Canon 1100d @ f5.6, 1/200, ISO 100 with a flash on camera left and ambient light coming from a large window on the right.


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