Working the Scene

This day when I woke up with an urge to photograph something I found a little toy lying around.  I didn’t have any specific image in my mind but I thought I’ll just start and lets see where it leads me.  No one to claim the ownership of the bike I took it to my terrace and started playing around.

One of the first few shots

One of the first few shots

After a few shots which looked more like just ‘nice snaps’ I felt I needed to keep working the scene and get more out of it.  I had a feeling something nice was round the corner.   Some times when you’re starting to photograph a thing or even a person you take a good photo and it might look like a nice, sharp and well exposed photo but it’s nothing  more than a ‘nice snap’ in the beginning.  Don’t just accept it and move on.  Really that’s just the beginning. You shouldn’t rest on that ‘nice snap’ look.  Keep working until you know you are out of ideas, the model is giving you weird looks or have got the shot that makes you think ‘hmmm’.  You will know it when you get it.

20140225-Toys-New Delhi-India-123403w

After making some ‘nice snaps’ I added some mystery/drama to the scene by cutting out a newspaper advertisement and pasting it in the background.  This made the scene look like the bike was in front of a movie poster on a street.  I thought this little addition made a huge difference from where I started and where I eventually had to stop.  I wanted to try another little addition but before I could work around that the rightful and have to say very rude owner of the bike showed up and halted the photoshoot.  My 2 years young nephew.  You can’t really argue with a 2 years young person  when he wants his bike back.  But I’m still glad I didn’t stop at the shot at the top and created this one which looks much much better.  It also became my most popular image on 500px.  It reached the ‘Popular’ section in terms of pulse.


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