Toy Story

Last year my official leaves lapsed and I didn’t think it was worth it.  This time I decided no  matter what I will take time off every month even if I have to sit at home.  Well, that’s what I do most of the times on my earned leaves anyway but this year is going to be different!  I don’t want to announce this as a new year resolution.  My wife’s not home for a week.  You’d think I planned it? Not really but I don’t hate the timing either :p  Actually it’s boring here  without her.

Anyway, continuous search for something always leads to….something.  Today while I was using my room curtains as backdrop on another object this idea came to mind and I brought a special model from the ice age.  This little fella usually waves hello from the back of my car to fellow motorists.  In Delhi, every motorist can use some cheering up.  We badly need them while being on the road even though we’re known for our open hearts. It’s a different world on the Delhi roads though.

Shot with Canon 1100d

Shot with Canon 1100d

Back to the image.  Kept working the angle, the distance between the background and the toy.  Got this one that I thought was best among the rest.  I could use some light reflector here to fill in the shadows created by the fluorescent light coming from top right of the frame.  Talking about light reflector I will show you a great but cheap inexpensive way of creating your own light reflector when you don’t have anything handy.  It’s  not a permanent solution but it still works.

Be back soon. Take care.


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