Looking Back

When I began writing this post I titled it top ten 2013 but when I sat down to choose 10, well, lets just say I struggled.  So instead of sharing 10 photographs I’ll just share the images that I thought were my best work past year.  I’ve shared a bit of story about each image that hopefully gives a background as to why I made that image and why it’s here.  Take care.

1. I’ll start the list with a lovely portrait of my wife. The photo was taken using Samsung Galaxy phone camera. This one is my favorite from the year because of its classic portrait look and the black and white has added to that effect. I even got a print made but later when my mom and wife saw it I realized they weren’t seeing the art part of it. For them somehow it was funny…

Classic portrait

Classic portrait

2. Looking at this portrait you won’t believe she’s a labourer on the job. She carried herself with dignity on the job and grace.  Listening to her story I felt humbled and honoured when she allowed me to create some of her images.
20130312_Working Women of India_IMG_1848.w

3. This image was taken at Rohtang Pass on my trip to Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. This image is a favorite because it captured everything about the place at the time.  It tells ‘the story’ that as photographers we strive for.  The locals running tea stalls, horses in the background waiting for tourists, foggy day and cold weather.

Rohtang Pass.  Photo shot with Canon 1100D

Rohtang Pass. Photo shot with Canon 1100D

4. Another camera phone shot that became my favorite instantly. The image shows the relationship between a young father and his kids. They’re having fun and father being a father is happy letting them tear his hair apart with a smile eventhough they struggled to get a grip with those short hair.  Now I knew why he got the hair so short.

The best friend a kid can have.  Dad.  Shot with Samsung Galaxy S Duos

The best friend a kid can have. Dad. Shot with Samsung Galaxy S Duos

5.  In this photograph the kid is pedalling past me while I stand there practicing panning.  I’m blessed to have enthusiastic kids in my neighborhood.  They were happy to go back to the start position and cycle past me several times as I kept practicing the panning and find the right exposure.  I didn’t ask her to show the V sign but when she did that the image suddenly became cool.  Somehow showed girl power and I started thinking, the Powerpuff Girl!

Powerpuff girl. Shot with Canon 1100D, f 6.3, 1/30, ISO 100

Powerpuff girl. Shot with Canon 1100D, f 6.3, 1/30, ISO 100

6.  This is my favorite for one simple fact.  She’s my grandmother (mom’s mom).  Do I need any better reason than that?  But yes photographically this is one of my favorites because one, I got to make her portrait which I hadn’t expected I’d be able to do since she lived in the village and two, because of that smiling face and those age lines that define her face beautifully.  The last I visited her was about 10 years ago.  My fault I know.  She alongwith grandpa took on the 20 hrs Indian railway journey just to attend my wedding.  That was a blessing in itself.  And I truly feel grateful and embarrased (mostly ashamed) because I haven’t been able to go back in 10 years to see them.


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