Photographs from the Workshop

Last week I had to bring my car to a workshop owned by my friend’s brother for minor work. I don’t carry my camera and I it didn’t struck me at that time there could be some opportunities here as well. It only struck later there’re possibilities there and so on my next visit I brought my camera along. I wasn’t highly hopefuly of getting many but I did come away with a few keepers that I’m going to share today and their stories.


This photograph above was an obvious one at the workshop when you imagine a picture on the word workshop.  A man working on a machine.  I setup my camera and started exploring the place for possible gems and this was one of them.  Fortunately I hadn’t come with a previsualized image of the workshop so that allowed me to keep exploring the possibilities and continue with making more photographs.  At some point it was also frustrating because nothing was really exciting me.  But I kept telling myself it’s a process and something will come if I continue to work on it.




The kid above kept me busy and was kind enough to pose for me whenever I asked him to.  Fortunately his boss didn’t mind either.  May be  because my friend was right there.  I tried a few other exposures but some how they didn’t work out the way I had hoped.  I saw a red car in a shade was attracting me but even after taking a few photos it just didn’t have the impact I was looking for. I even had this kid above work on the car to see if it changes the perspective but I failed to do justice to the scene.



When my friend and a camera are around together it’s almost impossible not to create some photographs of him.  In the first photograph above the light coming from the roof attracted me and so I had him stand right under it.  After a few photos and different angles this one looked more close to the photograph I wanted to make.  In the second photograph we were sitting in the tiny office waiting for our car and this moment captured the attention.  After a few more photographs this one stood out for me.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s photographs.  Be back soon.


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