How Musicians Can Inspire Photographers

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This is going to be a long post so grab your coffee or tea, sit back and let it sink in…This is an effort to relate the struggle of one artist with another belonging to different art forms.

Has it ever happened to you listening to a song and you feel so  moved by the song that you’re almost in tears. The thoughts, our state of mind and our mood at the time relate to the song and touches our hearts.  Something makes those songs that much powerful.  As photographers we too aim to do the same with our images.  Create something strong something so powerful that when someone looks at it they just have to stop and stare at it and be lost in that frame and become more curious.  It doesn’t necessarily has to create any particular kind of emotion.  It can make you laugh, think, or leave you even more curious wanting to know more.  If it does any of that the photo is successful.

So how can musicians inspire photographers?  If you watch them perform live you’ll notice how much effort they put into a song.  At the end you can see them exhausted mentally and physically.  Consider the effort and practice they put into making a song that truly connects with you.   Some times when you watch them perform such powerful songs you can see they are pouring their hearts out out there.

Style – There’s another notable difference in how their style changes for the same song when they’re performing it live compared to in the studio.   Notice how they try and leave their own impressions and add something unique to the same song when singing it live.  At the competitions they may be singing a popular song from a popular singer but the more talented ones try and make those songs their own by adding something unique to it.  Something that belongs to them.  Their own style.  Follow the same for creating photographs.  If you want to create a photograph from the photographer you admire try and ask yourself are you merely copying it or being inspired to do it in your own way so that it doesn’t look a copy.  Are  you adding your style? Ask yourself do you even have a style?

Technique – The whole reason why I wanted to write today’s post was to point you at something that might inspire you as photographers.  And it’s  not related to photography.  Sometimes when looking and observing photographs isn’t working for you, look beyond photography for inspirations.  Go to Youtube now and watch live performances of your favorite singers.  What is it that they do that touches us so deeply?  How do they do it?  Of course there’re so many techniques to be a great musicians and it takes so many hours of practicing the craft religiously.  Learning all the techniques are important so you don’t wonder why you’re not able to create the photograph you envisioned.  But learn the techniques and practice them so hard that they become your second nature.  So one day you can focus only on your vision and your second nature does all the calculations for you to make it a reality.  Practice. Practice.  And you will also be able to create something powerful.

Expression – When you do get to watch the song live performed by the artist you’ll notice the expressions singers or musicians show who seem to be in a state of trance when performing their songs.  As kids we’d mock them for having gone crazy.  But I realize now they’re not making up those expressions.  They’re so into the song and the expressions are just pouring out of them.  They can’t help it.  They are in the moment when performing.  Every little note.  There’s so much effort that goes into completing one song that touches the souls of listeners that you can almost feel emotions bursting out of the artist.

Impact – Before you can make someone move with your photograph you have to be moved yourself.  Ask yourself what is it about this photo or moment before you decide to capture it that attracted you.  While it’s important to really feel the moment before you can convey it to others well enough it’s also important to move out of it as quickly.  You don’t want to be hung up in the same moment for too long.  Move on.  Keep the water in the well of your creative juice fresh.

I may be all wrong about this whole stuff I blabbered above. But I had to do it.  I was so impressed by watching some of the singing competitions and the efforts put in by some of the singers that I couldn’t help but relate to their struggle.  And I thought it’d be worth sharing with you all as well.

Be back soon.


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