Men In Uniform 3.1

Namaste world!  I’ve been itching to start creating photographs and work on a new project.  It was hurting me that I wasn’t creating enough photographs and each day I didn’t create a photograph, it felt like a day wasted.  And the way last decade has gone away has been very frustrating to me.  I can’t believe I’m already 30!  In this new project I wanted to create portraits of people whose jobs involved some kind of uniform. People whose jobs are recognized by their uniforms.  Like we see someone in military uniform and assume they must be in armed forces.  There’s no criteria of what kind of job but I want to include anybody and everybody who is willing to be photographed in their work uniform and interviewed.

Men in Uniform series.  Shot with Canon 1100D

Men in Uniform series. Shot with Canon 1100D

The toughest and most challenging part I realized about this project was approaching these people.  But after a lot of courage finally when I approaced them I was pleasantly surprised how approachable these people really were and made me wonder why I was so scared.  All I had to do was approach them and clearly explain what I wanted to do and why.  Being honest about your intention breaks the ice and they start to feel comfortable about the idea.  I asked each of them two questions.  It’s pretty basic and I know gets asked a lot but I had to start somewhere.  I also had to keep it simple so as not to overwhelm my new friends.  Just two quesions.  What they felt was the best thing about their job and the worst thing or something that they didn’t like about it?  I was surprised by some of the answers.   And the answers were different than what I thought they would be.  As I share these portraits each week I will also share their answers to these two simple questions.

Men in Uniform series.  Shot with Canon 1100D

Men in Uniform series. Shot with Canon 1100D

To kick off the project here’s the first Man in Uniform portrait.

What is the best thing about your job?

Meeting new and good people everyday.  I get to meet all kinds of people and mostly they are very nice and respectful which makes me happy.

What is the worth thing about your job?

Meeting people who are mean and behave badly while I’m only trying to do my job.  They consist a small number but don’t like facing them.


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