You Don’t Fail, You Won’t Succeed

At Rohtang Pass, India

At Rohtang Pass, India

People who fail and continuously keep doing or failing at something eventually create something great.  Read  biographies of people you admire and you’ll know they all have one thing in common.  Lots of stories of struggle to share and lots of instances of them trying and failing at something.  They had a tough childhood, being bullied, bad at studies, drop outs, tried several part time jobs, tried several business ventures that failed miserably, they took risks.  There.  That’s the word.  They have been taking risk and weren’t afraid of it.  That doesn’t mean they weren’t hurt by the bad experiences.  But they moved on to something new to get hurt or learn from.  But these are the kind of experiences that shaped them.  So allow yourself to fail at something new want to try.  Try a portrait if you’ve never shot one before, take out your flash and experiment. Try, risk, fail and then try again.

Those who stay safe don’t go anywhere.  The kinds that don’t excel in academics but aren’t below average either, they are good at sports but don’t become professionals, they aren’t wuss but never get into a fight, they find a job stay in that job for years doing the same shift and feeling secured when the paycheck arrives.  They stay away from any kind of risks.  They  don’t learn anything new, don’t have many life stories to share with their grandchildren.  They’re just surviving and growing old in a safe house they have created and keeping it safe afraid of moving out.  That’s the only growth they experience.

I may not be in a position to preach sermons on the subject of taking risks and being successful but I’m just pouring out what I learnt after reading a few books and thought it might be a useful little read for you all as well.  After all you guys are part of this journey I’m on and I will point at something I see interesting on the way for you to see as well.  Whether you like it or not is entirely up to you but I won’t stop sharing.  Once I start applying these I’ll let you know what I learnt from that.


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