School Girl.  Shot with Canon 1100D

School Girl. Shot with Canon 1100D

If you are one or if I stretch my frequent followers list to two, you may have noticed I have photographed more kids than anyone else. And I have managed to make some decent ones in past year that I’m proud of.  They’re not the best but are improving.

I think I have been wasting time in thinking about the images than actually creating them. I say waste because there’s only a certain limit to which you should think about the photographs. Beyond that point you should really pick your behind up and shoot. No excuse. Until you make the mistakes, you aren’t going to learn. Please note (I can see those smirks) I’m Only referring making mistakes photographically.  I won’t encourage you to do anything illegal.   Unless you take a stab at the idea that you have been thinking about since ages you aren’t going to know whether it’s actually good or worth pursuing further. If you have an idea that you keep sending to snooze you should take a few test shots and see if it’s worth pursuing further. That way, one, you will know if you are going to create something nice. Or two, you will know you can trash it and proceed to the next idea.

I have been playing with some ideas recently but it’s all been inside the head rather than the actual playground which is more damaging to your growth as creative.  Good thing is I know what’s hurting me and my craft.  I am working on getting this corrected and hopefully my consistency on this blog shows that.

Hopefully you’re enjoying the photographs and taking away something as a learning reading all this.  See you soon with next portrait in the faces series.  Take care.



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