Rants of a ‘Learning’ Photographer

Today’s post is more of an outburst/rant due to the frustration of not creating enough images or whatever you may want to call it after reading.  Today as I look around everyone seems to be a photographer.  Everyone carrying a DSLR with tons of equipments showing off their prowess on social media or in conversations.  Unfortunately the quality of images don’t compliment the growth in numbers of these enthusiasts. I’m still learning but sometimes the learning curve seems so high. I don’t consider myself a good photographer but I can’t help but compare myself with them. 

Their photographs may  not be visually attractive and even lack the basics but I still consider them superior photographers simply because they are not just ‘thinking’ about them.  They’re going out there and creating them. They’re doing the actual work.   They’re going on photo walks, bike tours, national parks etc.  They’re growing as they’re shooting more and more. Most of their photographs may not look more than just snapshots but they’re improving by the only way one can. Practice.

The only part where I feel I may be doing well is not having the lust for new gear.  I mostly see them collecting newest camera gears which I rarely see them use looking at their images.  But that’s about it when I think about what could I be doing better. I may be creating better looking images, a little better technique and may be slightly better visual impact but I still lack the most basic thing. Practice. I’m not even sure if I’m doing myself any good by comparing but these emotions are just built in and not something I force them on myself. I thought writing them down would help me get over them.

I don’t feel comfortable going around shooting with others because I mostly don’t get the space to think and do things on my own.  When I’m carrying my camera I’d like to be in my zone.  That’s ‘me only’ space.   I love to be going around with friends who don’t have any interest in photography because they let me be me.  Otherwise I’m always bombarded with ideas on how I ‘should’ take that flower shot and what ‘makes’ that lizard a great opportunity.  Call it an excuse of my lazy mind that doesn’t kick me on my butt and get me out to practice.

Sorry I didn’t intend this to be so long but some times when you allow someone to speak their mind there may be a downpour waiting. Thankfully this is my space and I don’t have to worry about whether someone will like it or not.

Are there any roadblocks that you’re facing that’s keeping you lazy? We all are wise enough to know we should live like today’s our last day but 99% of us don’t. Any tips or ideas you want to share? Feel free to drop in a line in comments section below.

Take care.


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