Go Beyond

Shot with Canon 1100d

Shot with Canon 1100d

I keep hearing comments on some photographs mostly from non photographers in general saying the images have been retouched to create a certain ‘look’. I don’t blame them. They’re used to seeing the world as it is. As artists we live on things like illusion, imaginations and creating something new out of nothing. We really don’t show the world exactly the way it is. But isn’t art born when you imagine something out of ordinary? We go beyond the ordinary, go out on trips seeking things beyond the ‘normal’. We’re not merely pointing a camera and pushing the shutter button. There’s a much longer processes to these photographs.

Take this shot above for example. It’s a simple shot of a ladder against a wall. But if it has created a curiosity in you to see what’s beyond that wall, the angle, the sky and sun rays, the colors then I think I’ve succeeded. The minimalist approach to the shot and the colors of the sky and the wall compliment each other. There’s a certain ‘look’ that makes you curious when you look at it. Even if you don’t like it that’s alright. Not all art has to evoke a positive response. But as artists we’ll keep creating them not to get more likes on facebook but just for the love of it. If you like them we’ll love to take a bow. If not we’ll still take a bow and move on to seek something new.

Take care.


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