Shot with Canon 1100d.

Shot with Canon 1100d.

Finally the internet connection is back and I can breathe again. Internet has become such an important part of life. Like a phone. Take it away for a day and starts to feel like something important is missing. Also past weekend I braved the procrastination and took my camera out for hunting.

This shot was taken on the small terrace of my home. What I thought earlier was a terrible paint job by the painter turned out to be a perfect opportunity for me. This scene was lying there for several days. I’m glad it finally caught the attention and turned out exactly the way my mind had envisioned.

I’m lagging behind on the Working Women of India project. I had a great example who could be such an inspiration to lots of girls out there. But unfortunately she declined to be part of this series. She’s way too camera shy. But I’ll continue to look and hopefully will keep bringing new portraits and little stories.


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