Let Go

My internet connection is down and I needed to vent out some feelings. So I’m writing this on my mobile.

Letting go of the things and people you love deeply can be a painful thing to do sometimes.  Ever felt the pain seeing your ex with someone else?   Life as they said rightly can be a tough nut sometimes.    Letting my first dog Moti go is one of them.  Moti one day strayed towards the main busy road and got hit by a vehicle.  Still he crawled back home and died at our doorsteps.  Watching him die was a painful experience and I can’t forget he wanted to be home breathing his last.  That desire made him crawl back home even with injury.   Sometimes letting go of our loved one is a difficult thing to do.  May be something better is in store for them.  May be Moti too is in a better home than he was with us who take better care of him.  You’ll probably won’t enjoy them watching with someone else.  But you still let go hoping they are happy.
Photographically you may be attracted to a certain idea and even after several attempts when you don’t get what you want, you should just let go and try something new.  Move on, for there may be something better waiting.  I by no mean intend to make the comparisons.  Don’t do that. But you can’t stop.  When something isn’t meant to be.  It just isn’nt.  Let go.


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