Did versus Thought

My friend Manish Kumar in one of the churchs in Lansdowne, India. Shot with Canon 1100d

My friend Manish Kumar in one of the churchs in Lansdowne, India. Shot with Canon 1100d

I’m under house arrest due to some renovation work at home. But really that’s just an excuse for not creating any new photographs. I had to dig my library to share something new.

I’m auto posting this for Saturday 30th to try that feature on the blog. I’m hoping I’d have a busier and fun weekend on 30th than this one. I can be easily fascinated by small things and you should see me smile when this post is automatically published.

I distributed the photo prints today and as expected the response was more smiles and curiosity towards my photographs. They all were happy about the output and had more questions about what I do with them and why I do what I do. Too many questions make me nervous. I’m not doing anything bad but still when someone asks too many questions and it starts to sound more like trying to know my intentions than to learn about it I get nervous. May be because this is something new and with practice I’ll learn dealing with these questions. I don’t know how I’ll have any stranger sign a model release for me.

Speaking of releases. Getty Images via Flickr contacted me and was interested in 16 of my photographs. That meant a lot to me. A giant like Getty is interested in my photos? Nice! But I’m not expecting much as selling your photographs to stock agencies mean you must have a model release if you shoot a person or property. Plus it doesn’t mean your photographs will actually start earning if they get selected. They may or may not earn. And I’m yet to learn the art of having someone sign a document without making them suspicious. I’ve always been a reserved person and that’s why it’s difficult for me to deal with strangers. People in India are generally pretty cool about being photographed. In fact they love it. But ask them to sign something and they’ll get suspicious. Unless you’re someone with great communication skills. Nevertheless, it was an encouraging sign that I’m probably on the right path and must be doing something right.

One of my friends Gaurav Yadav shared a nice line on facebook last week. I don’t know who the original author is but it went something like this. When I look back at life I’d rather want to say I can’t believe I did that instead of I wish I did that.

Ever wonder how we sometimes know what needs to be done and yet we don’t do it. We continue to ponder over the same thing over and over only thinking what we should be doing but never doing anything. Usually when I’m faced with questions like these my god sent friend Sunny has always been able to show me how to seek that answer. He doesn’t give me the answers but kind of grabs my collar pulls me up and drops me where I should be to find the answer. And I don’t know anyone who has and can have the same patience level with me as Sunny does. Thank you Sunny if you’re reading this.

Photographically the answer always seems the famous Nike line – ‘Just do it’. There’s a point when you need to stop thinking and just shoot damn it. Time is ticking away and we’re only growing older. This is one of the reasons why I used to get so frustrated some times when sitting at home wishing I was travelling. To subside that feeling I got my new phone so I don’t continue to think I missed a ‘killer’ shot. When really most of the times they’re nothing shots. Just because I wasn’t taking a shot at those missed opportunities it felt as if I missed something. But now, at least by shooting that question down I know I actually captured it instead of thinking I wish I did that. Carrying a little pocket friendly camera or camera phone is a great tip. You never know what’s round the corner waiting for us.

If you’re also waiting for some magical moment to pick up your camera and shoot that award winning NatGeo photograph then it’s never going to happen. Just pick your behinds up and shoot and then may be you’ll have a better chance than thinking about it. It’s a much better feeling to have done something than wishing to have done something.

Take care.

PS: Continuing on the thoughts of carrying a camera and their perks. All photos that you see under Samsung Galaxy category on my blog are the perks of carrying the camera to shoot when the opportunity is there. It’s a much better feeling to know you have captured an image rather than wishing you did. And it may not always be what you expected when you sit on your desktop reviewing them but the thoughts that you missed opportunities won’t block you from moving ahead. Man I think I’ve just written my longest blog. Thanks for your patience!


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