Working Women of India 1.4

20130312_Working Women of India_IMG_1848.w

I tried thinking of a more appropriate title for this series but somehow I settled with Working Women of India for simplicty so that it’s easily understood by readers. Also, I couldn’t think of a word that’d truly describe these extra ordinary women.

This week’s Jhansi ki Rani (Queen of Jhansi) is Ms. Suman. Quite fittingly coming from a place that is known in history for its queen Lakshmibai for her heroics and great courage. Looking at her it’s almost impossible to guess she has three kids. Two daughters who are married and a son who studies in a private school as she proudly shares. She married her daughters quite early. She’s not too proud about that but I guess the culture she comes from she doesn’t get much say in such decisions. But they’re happy and well settled now. There’re no regrets. Now she works on this job to support her husband for their son’s education.

On behalf of all of you good people out there we wish this extra ordinary woman best wishes and hope for a better future for her and the kids.

I’ll try to get more of such portraits and a little bit about these women as I find them. Hope you’re enjoying the portraits and stories.

Take care!



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