Cameraphone Shots

I haven’t been able to think straight for over a couple of weeks now. There’re so many things going around me and the tiny brain I have. Renovation at home, office work, changes in personal life and their complications to name a few. So going out in search of extra ordinary women to be featured in our working women of India project has taken a back seat unfortunately. And it’s frustrating. Meanwhile I shared with you that I upgraded from a bicycle to a car.

So this week I’d share initial thoughts about this new phone. If you’re expecting a mobile phone review look away there’s nothing to see here. I bought this phone to use it as an on the go camera. It is a decent camera phone for its size and price. But the immediate disappointment was its focus ability. It’s way too slow. In fact, it doesn’t lock focus. I haven’t found a burst mode in it if there’s any.

Since I got this I’ve been trying to shoot as many things as possible that made me stop. It didn’t have to be something great. It just has to be enough to make me question it. Not every photo has to be your best shot ever. That’s probably a topic for some other day.

Other than that I still think this is a nice camera phone with pretty decent ability to capture still objects. Here’s a gallery of some photos taken this past week.


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