Moving with Times

Shot with Samsung Galaxy S

Shot with Samsung Galaxy S

Ever since I started photography I have never had lust for new gadgets. Sure I’d like a big full frame camera, heck even a Phase One when I’m ready for it some day but only when I’m ready for it. I really hate it when I see some of us buying an expensive SLR and using it as a point and shoot. That’s why whenever someone asks me for an advice on a new camera, I usually ask them to get a nice point and shoot that can solve their purpose. It breaks my heart when they waste that machine and money. I bought my first dSLR only when I knew I needed one. And recently I was in a dilemma of spending bucks on a new lens or a new smart phone. I’m not at a point where I need to upgrade or need new lens. Not yet. This is one purchase I did not want to make and yet I’m glad I eventually did. If I needed just a phone I wouldn’t have gone beyond my basic phone. I loved it. But recently I felt the urge to shoot as I move and meet people. I missed several opportunities and felt I wish I was carrying my camera. But then my Sony point and shoot camera isn’t easy enough to carry in pocket and keep a low profile. I might some day even get me a nice little point and shoot that is easy to carry in pocket but I just have it on my To-get list with a low priority.

This phone will not only work as my phone but as my on the go camera as well. There have been a lot of improvements in mobile photography (phonography) world and it has opened up a new category called phonography.

I’m still getting a hang of it as there are so many things to learn in this thing. Suddenly I’ve upgraded from a basic phone to a smart phone. It’s like I’ve moved from a bicycle to a car. I didn’t like spending money in a new phone but then I don’t like to think of it just as a phone. Hopefully it’ll be more than that and as I move along I’ll keep sharing how.

Do join my facebook page to stay updated on the progress. Meanwhile I’m sharing couple of photos I took from my new phone this past week. It’s only been about 2 days that I’ve used it so I’ll be sharing along more as I shoot more photos from it. Hope you enjoy. Take care


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