Working Women of India 1.3

This week’s extra ordinary woman is an entrepreneur and extra ordinary in true sense. She not only runs her beauty parlor being away from her three kids for almost 10 hours every day, she also has to take care of her home. She owns and runs this small beauty shop for women. She lives with her husband and three kids. I have to thank my cousin for this portrait as I couldn’t gather enough courage to ask her directly for the photograph initially. One of the reason for that is I needed my cousin’s help to break the ice. Luckily she agreed but wanted to talk to me first and understand exactly why I wanted the photo.

Shot with Canon 1100d

Shot with Canon 1100d

Finally I approached her. My cousin had given her a heads up so it wasn’t too awkward for me. I asked her how difficult it is for her to manage both. She thanks her husband for the support. Her conservative family and in-laws don’t approve of her ‘need’ to work outside but thankfully her husband supports her in pursuing what she loves doing. It is definitely not easy she says. Good part of owning her own shop is she’s not bound with timing. If she’s caught up in family she can choose not to open the shop for a day. That’s the beauty of being your own boss. Despite opposition she loves doing what she does and has all intentions to keep doing it. For a better future of her kids. It’s amazing how parents start doing everything for their kids. It’s always about the kids and their future above anything else. If not all a good majority of them put their kids above their own desires.

We wish her well and salute the spirit.

Take care and respect.


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